How to create a menu

Those who are assigned the administrative role (group admin) can create and edit the menu of their group. To do so, they need to create a static page (e.g. with content that rarely changes, like the description of the menu item).

This can be done with group page. This content type is only visible to those with the administrative authority. When creating this kind of content, you will have to fill out the title. Underneath title you need to choose your menu (menu settings) for the appropriate group.

There is also a possibililty to make this menu visible to every group. To change this, you have to click on Groups and change the settings here. As you can see, this is automatically set to public, which means that this post / menu will be shown to everyone, or only to members of the groups checked above. Posts without any groups are always public.

You can also attach a file to this menu item.