Logged in

Once logged in you will see the search box and your user name. Underneath your username you will find a few links to contact, my unread, my account, user list, create content and log out. 
Contact, messages and my unread
This link will direct you to the site-wide contact form. Here you will find different categories. Contact all users immediately or contact the siteadmin for questions on how to use the website. The e-mail addresses are hidden, so this option works only to send out e-mails to all users or the siteadmin. 
The link Messages speaks for itself. Whereas with contact you can contact all users and/or the siteadmin, Messages lets you write messages to different registered users. You only have to click on the link 'write a new message' and type in the first few letters of the user and the username will appear. You can also type in the e-mail address. It is also possible to send a message to more than one user. Simply divide the users / e-mail addresses with a comma. 
The my unread link gives you a overview of the content on the website. Not only will you find information on your group(s), but you will also find recent posts on soctat as a whole. 
My account and user list
Here you can edit your settings, your account information, your subscriptions and the like. We created a user list (the following link) where your picture and e-mail address will be published. This means that every registered user will have access to your e-mail address, your name, picture and the like. 
Create content
Once you click on create content, you will see some options like create page, story or group page, group story. For some content types you will have to use the menu settings when you want to create new content and order it in the right group.